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King Prawns

£15.80£16.80 per kg
Uncooked or cooked and peeled

Squat Lobster Tails

£30.00 per kg
This product is currently unavailable.

King Scallops

£50.00 per kg
Our sweet and delicate Scottish King Scallops are a true delicacy. The large scallops are hand-shucked, meaning that they're handled by a skilled person rather than machine. We make sure to only use sustainable sources of scallops from Scottish waters. In addition, these scallops are delicious as a starter or even on their own!


£8.50 per kg

Peeled Prawns

£32.00 per kg
Premium, low glaze.

Rainbow Trout

£11.25£19.00 per kg
Whole or Fillets

Whole Langoustine

£30.00 per kg